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Heroin Facts
Heroin in its pure form is a white powder which is easily soluble in water.
Over 80% of heroin users inject with a partner. 80% of overdose victims discovered by paramedics are found alone.
Heroin IV users place themselves at greater risk of contracting the HIV/AIDS virus.
Long-term use of heroin causes tolerance to develop so that in order to achieve the same degree of euphoria, larger and larger doses must be taken. When people have been off heroin for some time their tolerance decreases and a common cause of death result

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Heroin Addiction Recovery

Heroin addiction recovery is similar to the recovery of most addictive drugs, except that heroin addiction withdrawal can last several weeks to months. Attempting heroin addiction detoxification without professional assistance is not only dangerous, but sometimes deadly. With heroin addiction on the rise in America over the past several years due to people who are smoking or sniffing heroin rather than injecting, treatment admissions are on the rise. This means that the need for successful heroin addiction recovery is necessary.

Heroin addiction recovery is a process that a drug addict goes through on their way to sobriety. Recovery generally takes place in an addiction treatment centers. People recover from heroin addiction every single day, but they rarely do it alone.

The process of heroin addiction recovery is multi-step. Individuals who are recovering from heroin addiction first need to realize that they have a problem and are willing to work towards a solution. At this point, the addict should enroll in a drug addiction treatment program. Long term treatment programs are proven to have a higher success rate due to the fact that the individual is given more time to gain the benefits of the treatment community.

Initially the heroin addict will go through a detoxification process as part of their treatment. This is only part of the initial steps of recovery; many individuals misinterpret this vital step as the "only" step and feel that they have accomplished their goal of heroin addiction recovery.

After detoxification the recovering heroin addict must learn life's lessons and come to an understanding of why they began to use heroin. There are many steps that follow and each drug addiction treatment center will go through them at a different pace and hit unique points that are of importance on the road of heroin addiction recovery. The individual needs to be willing to participate in a rehabilitation program and continually exert themselves daily throughout their heroin addiction rehabilitation program. The highest documented success rates for heroin addiction recovery are through long term drug rehabilitation treatment lasting at least 3 to 6 months. This gives structure and support to provide long term recovery from heroin addiction. The most important key to finding and remaining in a drug addiction recovery program is that it is right for you.

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